Beneath The Arcadian Moon will be out in December 2021

Artist's Statement 

The sonic landscapes on Beneath The Arcadian Moon have a distinctly nocturnal atmosphere. There are very few things about this album that have anything to do with the light of day. The Arcadia referenced in the title has less to do with the region in Greece or its role in Greek mythology and more to do with the Arcadia of the renaissance imagination. Aradia is an idyllic landscape, not utopian, because utopias connote the intervention of humans, and Arcadia is seen as perfect precisely because it is untouched. Utopias are seen as something to achieve or strive towards, while Arcadia by its very nature is a phenomenon of the past, of memory. And in this it gains a tragic quality; it may be perfect, but it is beyond our grasp. 


The first half of this album consists of original compositions. Sometimes we say goodbye before the words are spoken and other times it isn't until long after that connections are dissolved. It is with this space that much of the album is preoccupied. Lives unrealized and people remembered can be perfect in ways that the lives we lead and the people we encounter can never be. We know that these people and paths untaken are fantastical and yet we often experience them as more real than the people and things that stand before us.


The second half of the album are covers. The songs selected to be covered were originally done by heroes of mine who have passed away in recent years, many of whom I think about and listen to on a nearly daily basis. These are artists such as Leonard Cohen and David Bowie who have been more instrumental in my development as a person and musician than I could ever articulate or probably understand. They were playing while the events discussed on the first half of the album took place; they have been talismans and medicines. And these particular songs work to continue the narrative of the album as a whole. While the lyrics are not mine the sentiments expressed are articulated more acutely than I could have achieved on my own. 


I have an ambivalent relationship to the idea of influences. I am hugely influenced by the people covered on this album as well as innumerable other artists in a multitude of fields. But with anything, I always seek to interpret and never ever emulate. For someone like David Bowie, it's hard to imagine a less fitting homage than emulation. Ultimately, the people that I admire and who tend to affect me the most are the ones whose work suggests that the whole point of artistic pursuits is to communicate from a radically personal place. 


I believe in moving forward, but the past has an uncanny habit of positioning itself in the present and even into our ideas of the future. So on this album as I look at the people, places, and things that I have loved it is an attempt to both honor them and acknowledge the pain of their absence.  I would say I hope you enjoy it, but a more appropriate sentiment would probably be that I hope you find it of some value. 


"So Pretentious" feat. brz


Guitar - John Michael Sherry

Bass - Elijah Pouges

Drums - Carlos Del Castillo

Drum programming - Elijah Pouges & Teo Blake

Piano - Noah Cheven

Synths -Teo Blake Elijah Pouges, Nicolas Azlon & Steven Mashaka

Produced by Teo Blake & Elijah Pouges

Additional production by Nicolas Azlon


"Hank Shocklee" feat. Leah Shaw


"Curatorial Decisions"

Flute - Nicolas Azlon

Bass - Nicolas Azlan

Steam machine - Elijah Pouges

Drum programming - Teo Blake & Elijah Pouges

Produced by Teo Blake & Elijah Pouges


"Fly" feat. Savanah Burke and Deen Chase

Guitar - John Michael Sherry


"When You Were Mine" feat. Leah Shaw

Guitar - Andrew

Written by Prince


"Be My Wife"

Piano - Noah Chevan

Guitar - Noah Chevan

Synth - Cody Boyce

Written by David Bowie


"Some Things Last a Long Time"

Guitar & Piano - Michael Cassady

Written by Daniel Johnston

"Famous Blue Raincoat" feat. Aviva Jaye

Piano - Leah Shaw

Synth - Cody Boyce

Written by Leonard Cohen 

Album art by Jordan Artim

Album cover design Marcel Andre

All tracks written & produced by Teo Blake except where otherwise noted

Mixed by Teo Blake

Mastered by Steven Mashaka for Whistling Kettle Studios